ESOL Gramatika Výslovnost Testy Kurz 60 Texty Idiomy Nápovědy Angličtina

Čas do ukončení testu a přesunu na výsledky.

Time: 25 Minutes
40 Questions

Part A DIRECTIONS Each sentence in Part A is an incomplete sentence.Four words or phrases, marked (1), (2), (3), (4), are given beneath each sentence. You are to choose the one word or phase that best completes the sentence.Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

1. I understand that the governor is considering a new proposal _____________
  1. what would eliminate unnecessary writing in government
  2. who wants to cut down on the amount of `writing in government
  3. that would eliminate unnecessary paperwork in government
  4. to cause that the amount of papers written in government offices will be reduced

2. The doctor told his receptionist that he would return ___________________________
  1. as early as it would be possible
  2. at the earliest that in could be possible
  3. as soon as possible
  4. at the nearest early possibility

3. George belongs to the _______________________________
  1. class of the upper middle
  2. upper middle class
  3. class from the center up
  4. high medium class

4. A good student must know______________________________________
  1. to study hard
  2. to be a good student
  3. how to study effectively
  4. the way of efficiency in study

5. Jane changed her major from French to business ______________
  1. with hopes to be able easier to locate employment
  2. hoping she can easier get a job
  3. with the hope for being able to find better a job
  4. hoping to find a job more easily.

6. He has received several scholarships ______________________
  1. not only because of his artistic but his academic ability
  2. for both his academic ability as well as his artistic
  3. because of his academic and the artistic ability
  4. as a resulting of his ability in the art and the academy

7. Harvey will wash the clothes, _________________________
  1. iron the shirts, prepare the meal, dusting the furniture
  2. ironing the shirts, preparing the meal, and dusting the furniture
  3. iron the shirts, prepare the meal, and dust the furniture
  4. to iron the shirts, prepare the meal, and dust the furniture

8._______________ that new information to anyone else but the sergeant
  1. They asked him not to give
  2. They asked him to don't give
  3. They asked him no give
  4. They asked him to no give

9.____________________, he would have signed his name in the corner.
  1. If he painted that picture
  2. If he paints that picture
  3. If he had painted that picture
  4. If he would have painted that picture

10. The doctor insisted that his patient _____________________
  1. that he not work too hard for three months
  2. take it easy for three months
  3. taking it easy inside of three months
  4. to take some vacations for three months

11. The manager was angry because somebody ____________________
  1. had allowed the photographers to enter the building
  2. had let the photographers to enter into the building
  3. permitting the photographers enter the building
  4. the photographers let into the building without the proper documentations

12. Richard was asked to withdraw from graduate school because ______
  1. they believed he was not really able to complete research
  2. he was deemed incapable of completing his research
  3. it was decided that he was not capable to complete the research
  4. his ability to finish the research was not believed or trusted

13. The committee members resented ______________________
  1. the president that he did not tell them about the meeting
  2. the president not to inform them of the meeting
  3. the president's not informing them of the meeting
  4. that the president had failed informing themselves that there was going to be a meeting

14.________________________ did Arthur realize that there was danger.
  1. Upon entering the store
  2. When he entered the store
  3. After he had entered the store
  4. Only after entering the store

15. The rabbit scurried away in fright _____________________
  1. when it heard the movement in the bushes
  2. the movement among the bushes having been heard
  3. after it was hearing moving inside of the bushes
  4. when he was heard that something moved in the bushes

Part B DIRECTIONS Each sentence in Part B has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked (1), (2),(3),(4). You are to identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

16.Neither of THE GIRLS HAVE turned in the term papers to THE instructor YET.
17.After STUDYING all THE new materials, the student WAS ABLE to RISE his test score by twenty-five points.
18. The book THAT you SEE LAYING on the table BELONGS to the teacher.
19.I suggest THAT he GOES to THE DOCTOR as soon as he returns from taking THE EXAM.
20. She is LOOKING forward TO GO Europe after she FINISHES her studies AT THE university.
21. They said THAT the man JUMPED off OF the bridge and plunged into the FREEZING WATER.
22. Mr.Anderson used to JOGGING in the CRISP morning air DURING the WINTER months, but now he has stopped.
23. The VOLUME four of OUR encyclopedia set HAS BEEN MISSING FOR two months.
24. I do not know where COULD he HAVE GONE so EARLY in THE morning.
25. The people tried of DEFENDING THEIR village, but they were finally FORCED to RETREAT.
26. The professor was CONSIDERING POSTPONING the examination until the FOLLOWING week BECAUSE the student's confusion.
27. HAVING lost the election, the presidential candidate intends SUPPORTING the opposition DESPITE the OBJECTIONS of his stall.
28. The congressman, accompanied BY secret service agents and aides, ARE preparing to ENTER the convention hall within THE next few minutes.
29. BECAUSE the TORRENTIAL rains that had DEVASTATED the area, the governor sent the National Guard to ASSIST in the clean-up operation.
30. Lack of SANITATION in restaurants ARE a major CAUSE of disease in some areas of the country.
31. Had the COMMITTEE members considered the alternatives more CAREFULLY, they would have realized that the SECOND was better as THE first.
32. Malnutrition is a MAJOR cause of death in those COUNTRIES where the cultivation of rice HAVE been impeded by RECURRENT drought.
33. The decision to WITHDRAW all SUPPORT from the activities of the athletes are CAUSING an uproar AMONG the athlete's fans.
34. Underutilized species of fish HAS BEEN proposed AS a solution to the FAMINE IN MANY underdeveloped countries.
35. BECAUSE the residents had WORKED so DILIGENT to RENOVATE the old building, the manager had a party.
36. John's wisdom teeth were TROUBLING him, so he went to a dental surgeon TO SEE about having THEM PULL.
37. HARDLY he had entered the OFFICE when he realized that HE had FORGOTTEN his wallet.
38. Suzy HAD better to CHANGE her study habits if she HOPES TO BE admitted TO A GOOD UNIVERSITY,
39. The teacher TOLD the students to DON'T DISCUSS the take-home exam with EACH other.
40. Some bacteria are EXTREMELY harmful, but ANOTHERS are REGULARLY used in producing cheeses, crackers, and many OTHER foods.

STOP. This is the end of the structure and written expression section. If your finish before time is up, check your work on parts A and B of this section only.