ESOL Gramatika Výslovnost Testy Kurz 60 Texty Idiomy Nápovědy Angličtina

Čas do ukončení testu a přesunu na výsledky.

Time: 25 Minutes
40 Questions

DIRECTIONS Each sentence in Part A is an incomplete sentence. Four words or phrases, marked (1), (2), (3), (4), are given beneath each sentence. You are to choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

1. George did not do well in the class because _______________
  1. he studied bad
  2. he was not good studywise
  3. he was a badly student
  4. he failed to study properly

2. This university's programs __________________ those of Harvard.
  1. come second after
  2. are second only to
  3. are first except for
  4. are in second place from

3. The more she worked _____________________
  1. the less she achieved
  2. she achieved not enough
  3. she did not achieve enough
  4. she was achieving less

4. _____________ the best car to buy is a Mercedes Benz.
  1. Because of its durability and economy.
  2. Because it lasts a long time, a it is very economical.
  3. Because of its durability and it is economical.
  4. Because durably and economywise it is better than all the others.

5. When Henry arrived home after a hard day at work, ______________
  1. his wife was sleeping
  2. his wife slept
  3. his wife has slept
  4. his wife has been sleeping

6. He gave ________________________
  1. to the clas s a tough assignment
  2. the class a tough assignments
  3. a tough assignment for the class
  4. an assignment very tough to the classt

7. People all over the world are starving __________________________
  1. greater in numbers
  2. in most numbers
  3. more numerously
  4. in greater numbers

8. It was not until she arrived in class__________ realized she had forgotten her book
  1. and she
  2. she
  3. when she
  4. that she
  5. that

9. John has not been able to recall where ____________________
  1. does she live
  2. she lives
  3. did she live
  4. lived the girl

10. Ben would have studied medicine if he___________to a medical school.
  1. could be able to enter
  2. had been admitted
  3. was admitted
  4. were admitted

11. He entered a university_________________
  1. when he had sixteen years
  2. when sixteen years were his age
  3. at the age of sixteen
  4. at age sixteen years old

12. The jurors were told to _________________________
  1. talk all they wanted
  2. make lots of expressions
  3. speak freely
  4. talk with their minds open

13. Those students do not like to read novels_________test books.
  1. in any case
  2. forgetting about
  3. leaving out of the question
  4. much less

14. He____________looked forward to the new venture.
  1. eagerly
  2. with great eagernes
  3. eagernessly
  4. in a state of increasing eagerness

15. The families were told to evacuate their houses immediately _____
  1. at the time when the water began to go up to
  2. when the water began to rise
  3. when up was going the water
  4. in the time when the water raised

DIRECTIONS Each sentence in Part B has four words or phrases underlined. The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked (1),(2),(3),(4). You are to identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. Then,on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

16.MOST[1] Americans would not be happy WITHOUT A color television, two cars, and WORKING at an extra job.
17.THE[1] lion has LONG been A symbol of strength, power, and it is VERY cruel.
18. ALL the scouts got THEIRSELVES ready for THE long camping trip by spending their weekends LIVING in the open.
19. Nobody HAD KNOWN before THE presentation that Sue and her sister will RECEIVE THE awards for outstanding scholarship.
20. In 1927 Charles Lindbergh WAS the first to FLY solo nonstop from New York to Paris IN such SHORT time.
21. UNTIL his last class at the university in 1978, Dod always TURNS in all OF his assignments ON time.
22. When I LAST saw Janet, she HURRIED to her next class on the OTHER side of the campus and DID NOT HAVE time to talk.
23. Before WE
24. Patrick was very late GETTING home last night, and unfortunately FOR HIM, the DOG barking woke everyone UP.
25. He HAS BEEN HOPED for a raise for the LAST
26. AFTER DRIVING for twenty miles, he suddenly REALIZED that he HAS BEEN DRIVING IN the wrong direction.
27. THE Department of Foreign Languages ARE not located IN the new building OPPOSITE the old one.
28. The Nobel prize winning candidate, accompanied BY his wife his and children, ARE staying in Sweden UNTIL AFTER the presentation.
29. Neither of THE scout leaders KNOW
30. THOSE of you who signed up FOR Dr.Daniel's anthropology class should
31. I put my new book OF ZOOLOGY here on
32. MARTA being CHOSEN as the most OUTSTANDING student of her campus made HER PARENTS very happy.
33. Jane said she would BORROW ME her
34. When CLIFF was sick with the flu, his mother made HIM TO EAT chicken soup and REST in bed.
35. My cousin COMPOSES not only the music, BUT also sings the SONGS for the MAJOR Broadway musicals.
36. THE geology professor showed US a sample ABOUT volcanic rock which dated BACK seven hundred years.
37. THE girl WHOM my cousin married was USED to be a chorus girl for THE Rockettes in Radio City Music Hall in New York.
38. Ralph HAS CALLED his lawyer last to TELL him about his problems, but was told THAT the lawyer HAD GONE to a lecture.
39. Some bumper stickers ARE very funny and make us LAUGH, yet ANOTHER can make us angry because of their RIDICULOUSNESS.
40. THE results of the test proved TO Fred and ME that needed to study harder and watch LESS movies on television if we wanted to receive scholarships.

STOP. This is the end of the structure and written expression section. If your finish before time is up, check your work on parts A and B of this section only.